Commercial Services

Monitoring Central Station

Our Monitoring Central Station is UL listed.

The Monitoring Central Station is available 24/7/365. We are never off the clock, and always ready handle your alarm quickly, and professionally.

Always talk to a live person. Smith Security has always been a company that prides our self on providing a personal and unique experience.

That means, unlike large corporations that outsource their monitoring, you will never receive an automated recording from our Central Station.

Our verification process helps prevent false alarms, while dispatching the authorities in a timely manner. If you are home or out of town, our operators will keep you and the authorities advised of any emergencies.


Our technicians are FASA/BASA certified and factory train. That means they are knowledgeable and experienced to handle your routine maintenance or emergency.

Our technicians are friendly, respect your home, and clean up their mess before they leave. You can expect our technicians to be driving vans, and wearing shirts with the Smith Security System, Inc. logo on it.

Our monitored customers are covered by 24-hour emergency service. By being one of our monitored subscribers, if you need our experienced technicians at 2 am, they will be on the way.

​We monitor, service and install all types of security systems. From more traditional burglar alarm systems to newer systems that can be activated from a smart phone app.

Fire Detection

In the event of a fire, smoke and heat detectors provide an early warning alarm, ensuring your business and employees are safe, day or night. Fire is one of the single greatest threats to your business, with the potential to destroy everything in its path in minutes.

Our monitoring center is staffed by trained professionals who use state-of-the-art technology to deliver a fast response time, contacting emergency personnel when seconds count.

Smoke & Heat Detectors are always on. This provides your business with continuous detection.

Pull Stations are available in single or dual action models. All of the metal is completely coated to inhibit corrosion and provide for a uniform and quality finish. The standard models have a hex key reset; however, a key reset is also available. The models are available with shallow and deep surface mount back boxes and as a weatherproof version.

Security/Burglar Protection

Our systems are tailored to your needs. No more, No less. Instead of offering a “cookie cutter package” that may or may not fit your business. Our sales representative will come out for a free estimate. That way all doors, windows, and areas are covered, based on what kind of detection you need.

Keep track of who is coming and going from your business, all hours of the day and night.

Our Central Station can notify you anytime the system is disarmed outside of your business hours.

Manage your security data with our weekly and monthly reports via email. Have an accurate record of arming and disarming activity, who is called and contacted during an alarm, and any problems with your security system that may require service.

Access Control

Our easy-to-use, access control scalable software for small to medium-sized enterprises with high security requirements.

There is a broad range of different interfaces which offers solutions for all kinds of applications and environments.

Video Surveillance

Our surveillance systems are tailored to the customer’s needs just like our security systems.

Indoor and outdoor cameras are available, with digital video records.

The cameras systems are accessible from remote devices with internet access.

The DVR can allow you to record and play back footage.

While CCTV allows you to view, but not record the information.

Cellphone Application

You can control your:
  • Security system
  • Lighting
  • Thermostats

Along with accessing your camera system.

All from your smart phone.

There are monthly fees with each app.

Flood Detection

Special water sensors are placed in areas that are prone to water flooding.

When water reaches the sensor our Central Station will notify you that there is a possible water leak.